SBC Compact Concealer  Natural Duo Two 3g Compacts

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SBC Compact Concealer  Natural 3g Two 3g Concealers

A natural compact concealer can be blended to achieve a variety of tones. Intense cream pigment to effectively conceal shadows and blemishes.
conceals dark shadows and blemishes
can be blended to achieve a variety of tones
Apply any foundation before you apply the concealer. If you prefer not to use foundation, the concealer can be applied directly to your bare skin. Dab a small amount of concealer from the compact onto your finger or a small makeup brush. Then apply the concealer to the centre of the blemish or under-eye area. Use a fingertip or brush to gently blend the concealer outward from the centre of the blemish or discoloured area until it appears to match the rest of your skin tone. Dust a loose powder over the concealer before it dries completely. This will set the concealer and help prevent it from rubbing off over the course of the day.

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