SBC 6 Piece Mineral Eye Shadow Set MAX 1 PER CUSTOMER

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Glow from day to night with six buildable pressed shades to suit every colouring. From ice cool Glacier Blue to brilliant Tuscan Bronze each eye shadow can be layered to take your look from demure day to dramatic night. Available in 6 fabulous new colours in mineral pressed shades for day or night effects.


Brand new colours in mineral pressed hues for a variety of effects

Easy to apply, simply build and blend the shades according to your desired effects

6 adaptable colours that can be used to achieve modest to striking effects.


Make sure that you are applying your makeup in a well lit area. It is also not a good idea to do this under very bright bathroom lights as you could over exaggerate the colours.

First apply the base colour on your lids up to your eyebrows and right under your eyes.

Next, take a medium tone colour. Not too dark and not to light. Apply this to the half outer lid of your eyes. Make sure you don't cross that crease that appears when you open your eyes.

Now take a really prominent eye shadow. You can also dampen your shadow brush and use the same colour you used in the previous step to make it darker. Apply this to half of the eye crease and on the bottom corner of your eyes. Depending on whether your eyes are far apart or close, you can extend the dark shadow on the bottom of your eyes. If you want your eyes to seem farther apart then keep that line short. If you want them to look closer then extend that line all the way under your eyes.

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