Patch-it Sleep 2 Sleep Well & Revitalise Foot Patches

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Sleep Patch-It
For soothing, relaxing & restful sleep

The Patch-It Series harnesses the powers of Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Traditional Chinese Medicine to help support your body in maintaining healthy circulation, cleansing and self-healing. These portable patches are made from the highest quality, all natural ingredients. Worn on the feet at night, these easy-to-use, naturally powerful patches are the ultimate de-stress and rejuvenation aid for body and mind.

The Patch-It Series utilises the concepts of Aromatherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine into easy-to-use foot patches, to aid sleep, detoxification & circulation. Every Patch-It has been formulated with a blend of 100% natural ingredients, including mandarin wood vinegar as the principal ingredient, to simulate the actions of reflexology.

In addition to the key ingredients of the Patch-It Series, Sleep Patch-It contains a unique calming blend of organic essential oils. These are: Lavender – calming & relaxing; Sage – balancing & calming properties; Basil – clearing & strengthening of mind; Ylang Ylang – comforting to the senses; Bergamot – relaxing & uplifting; Bitter Orange Oil – enlivening emotions.

Sleep Patch-It was tested in Britain with a group of people suffering from poor sleep quality. In that test, users applied the patches over the course of one month and the results indicated the potential to increase the number of hours rest as well as reduce the number of times the user woke during the night.

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