Put simply, the process of dry
brushing your skin has the effect of
causing it to react in an instinctive
manner. It encourages the skin to
increase blood flow to the surface,
bringing all the essential nutrients
the skin needs to the surface.
The result is to enhance
detoxification and skin cell turnover
at a far healthier level. What can
be better than encouraging the skins
capability to have a glow of
The above statement is a very broad
explanation of why you should dry
brush your skin. There is, of course,
far more going on. After all, your
skin is the largest body organ any of
us have. Here are some of the
benefits looked at in more detail.

How To Dry Brush

If you have sensitive skin, or are a newcomer to dry brushing, a softer bristle may be more appropriate. As your experience develops you
may choose to move to a coarser brush for a stronger exfoliating action. The highest strength of bristle offers the benefits of a spa-level
treatment and offers the skin real invigoration.
Brushing prior to taking a shower is the best time to body brush. All the dead cells are washed away and your skin can then absorb
the moisture from the shower.
Starting at your toes, direct the brushing action towards your heart (toes to heel, heel to calf, calf to knee, etc.). Use firm, long strokes,
but do not scrub the skin, let the brush do all the work. As you reach the lower back and stomach, switch to shorter circular motions
with the brush. Use the same process on your arms as you have used on your legs maintaining the movement towards the heart.
Don’t forget, if you are heading out into the sunshine after having your shower, your skin is now likely to be more sensitive to the sun
(it has had a deep clean after all) so don’t avoid the sunscreen.
Follow your brushing regime once or twice a week as a beginner and develop its frequency as you become more experienced.
Look after your brush. Keep it dry, tap it after each use to remove dead skin debris. If the bristles need to be cleaned, do so with warm
soapy water, avoiding excess water getting into the wooden handle and air dry with the bristles face down.


    The action of the bristles
    removesdead skin. This
    encourages the skin
    to turnover, or replace, the
    skin cells at a far healthier rate,
    in turn resulting in the
    outward glowing effect that
    many people see from
    following a dry brushing


    Removal of dead cells from your
    skin leaves it with more space
    to breathe. This results in hair
    growth not becoming confused
    by the presence of dead cells
    and pores not having to deal
    with excess debris on the
    skins surface.


    By promoting the movement
    of fluid within the skin, build
    up of impurities in the skin
    can be avoided. This natural
    detoxification leads to a far
    lower instance of blockages
    within the lymphatic


    Removal of dead cells on the
    surface and impurity blockage
    under the skin results in open
    pores. What better way to
    allow the moisture of your
    shower to penetrate the skin,
    as well as products you may
    also be using on your skin.


    Natural bristles remove the need for irritating ingredients that can be
    found in product-based scrubs, making them a far gentler alternative.
    However, if you have a skin condition, such as psoriasis or eczema, then
    please consult your doctor before trying a dry body brush.


    Blood flow to the skins surface is encouraged. Essential nutrients are
    more easily delivered to the skin and a plumping effect takes place
    that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.