Hydrea Organic Egyptian Loofah Brush with Detachable Handle

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The high quality, professionally designed Hydrea London Classic Loofah Brush has an ergonomically curved shape that combines with the long detachable handle making a simple and effective tool for those hard to reach areas. The loofah head effectively sloughs the dead skin cells leaving you with brighter, fresher skin.

Body Benefits of using the organic Loofah collection:

Deep cleansing: unblocks pores and removes impurities for fresher, clearer skin.

Exfoliating: removes dead surface skin allowing moisture and active skin care ingredients to

penetrate. Prevents in-growing hairs and prolongs suntans. It can help reduce the appearance

of fine lines and cellulite. The result is smoother, polished and more hydrated skin.

De-toxing: help to stimulate the lymphatic system to drain cellular waste and toxins safely

away. It can help prevent toxins and fluids becoming trapped in the fatty layers of the skin

helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite and puffiness. Regular use can help protect the

immune system and improve digestion

Regenerating: stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal resulting in healthier, younger

looking skin

Massage: to invigorate tired muscles and improve wellbeing



Length 41cm's

Head Width 6.9cm's

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