Hydrea Olive Wood Anti Static Hair Brush

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The rounded wooden pins set in a pneumatic rubber cushion penetrate deeper than a regular brush providing a stimulating scalp massage. Perfect for gently detangling hair while preventing static build up. 
Care: wash with soapy water and leave to air dry with the bristles facing down 
Wood: Olive 
Bristles:Boar (Extra Stiff) Cushion: Pneumatic Sealed Rubber Cushion 

Olive Wood
Olive trees grow and thrive for many hundreds of years. It is quite rare to find brushes made of olive wood for this reason. As the fruit of the trees is more valued than the wood itself, we only use wood from Mediterranean olive trees that have reached the end of their fruitful life. Olive wood has a rich distinctive grain and unique personality so you will never find two brushes alike. In terms of quality Olive wood is far superior as the density and natural oils make it difficult for water to penetrate it and it is this imperviousness that makes it ideal for making bath brushes. With these qualities and their ergonomic design these brushes are as beautiful to look at as they are to use! It is not an easy wood to work with as it is knotty and hard, but the extra work is rewarded by the beauty of the finished product which becomes even better with age and use.

All the brushes in this range are premium quality and hard wearing.

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