Hydrea Natural Bamboo Super Absorbent Hair Drying Towel Wrap Super Soft

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This high quality bamboo wrap is the fast and easy way to dry your hair naturally. Bamboo works quickly to absorb 3-4 times more moisture than a conventional cotton towel, therefore reducing the need for blow drying. The wrap is designed to easily secure your hair in place allowing you to apply makeup or have a facial while your hair dries! Compact and lightweight, this wrap is perfect for the spa, the gym, after swimming or when travelling as well as for using at home.

Naturally Anti-Bacterial, Naturally Anti-Fungal, Anti-Static, Odour resistant, Hypo-Allergenic, Temperature Regulating, Super Soft, Super Absorbent, Breathable, Lightweight, Strong and Durable, Luxurious sheen, Organically Grown, Eco-friendly & Sustainable.


Bamboo is thrives naturally in many regions of the world. It grows organically without the need for chemicals due to its naturally pest resistant qualities. Bamboo is a fast growing grass, which produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than an equivalent stand of trees, making it an excellent sustainable and eco-friendly resource. When harvested the extensive root system is left intact allowing for rapid self- regeneration while helping to prevent soil erosion. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable.


Composition: 60% Bamboo 40% Cotton

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