Dynamic Health Certified Organic Mangosteen Gold Juice 32oz 946ml

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Dynamic Health Mangosteen Gold is 100% Certified Organic Mangosteen Juice.

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) fruit, known as the "Queen of Fruits", has been treasured for hundreds of years. Grown in Southeast Asia where the warm tropical climate and nutrient rich soil are ideal for the fruit to ripen. The blend of the juice and the soft inner flesh of the pericarp are an aromatic, delious and nutritious treat.
Mangosteen has been used tradionally to help promote healthy living. It contains a unique antioxdant called xanthones and in natural source of trace amounts of naturally occuring minerals, enzymes, vitamins and phytonutrients.

Use only as directed. Take 2 TBSP (30ml) daily or as directed by your health care pactitioner.
Keep out of reach of children

Contains no added sugar, artificial colour or perservatives.
Due to the pure, natural ingredients in this product, taste, colour and consistency may vary.


Certified Organic Mangosteen Puree with Pericap, Filtered Water and Citrus Acid.

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