Hydrea Combination Detox Massage Brush With Wooden Noodles & Natural Bristles

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Multiple benefits from one product, this combined tool is perfect for an all over invigorating dry or wet skin brush and cellulite detox massage.

The soft stimulating bristle fibre tones & cleanses the skin & is ideal for gentle dry body brushing to remove dead skin cells & smooth skins surface prior to self tanning & moisturising.

The wooden pins on the back of this brush are perfect for massaging over worked muscles after exercise, to reduce the build-up of lactic acid, which can cause cramp.

Pay particular attention to those stubborn areas prone to cellulite build up such as knees, upper thighs & arms.

Made from FSC Certified Beechwood & 100% Natural Bristle it has a rubber grip handle for ease of use.


This FSC approved Beechwood brush with rubber handle has natural bristles to allow you to scrub thoroughly all over the body, and wooden pegs on the opposite side, great for massaging tired muscles.

The Benefits of massage
• Releases feel good endorphins to reduce stress for a relaxed body and mind.
• Increases energy and helps sleep patterns.
• Helps reduce the build up of lactic acid after exercise that causes cramp
• Eases muscle pain and fatigue.
• tones skin and muscles
• Stimulate blood circulation, oxygen and nutrient to the new skin cells
• Stimulates lymph nodes to safely drain away toxins that become trapped in the skin layer
helping to reduce cellulite, improve digestion and respiration
The lymph nodes are located in the neck, armpits, groin, the backs of the knees and inside the
elbows. All our massage products work equally as well for DIY use or for use on other people
How to use:
Massage in wide circular motions on problem areas such as hips and thighs to help reduce the
orange peel effect. Use in conjunction with creams for a smoother massage.

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