Bodylife Rise Of The Phoenix Neck Gaiter Summer & Winter Twin pack

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Bodylife's Rise Of The Phoenix set of two neck gaiter's have been exclusively designed for Bodylife.This pack contain's a lightweight summer breathable neck gaiter and also a winter gaiter with an added fleece lining so that this beautifully designed product can be worn all year round.
The Bodylife summer gaitor is a seamless multifunctional headwear and is made from 100% Polyester microfibre which is stretchable and soft for comfort.
The Polyester microfibre is comfortable, soft and breathable when using as a face covering.
Summer Gaitor.
Made from 100% Polyester (without fleece)
Size 25cm's x 48cm's when laid flat.
Handwash under 30 Degree's 

The Bodylife Winter gaitor has an aditional polyester 100% fleece lining attached to help keep the warmth in during those cold winter month's.
Made from 100% Polyester with 100% polyester fleece lining.
Total size including fleece lining 25cm's x 68cm's.
Handwash under 30 Degrees  

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