Bodylife Orange Glow Vitamin C Moisturising Skincare Gel 500ml

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This light water based easily absorbed, non-sticky gel absorbs effectively into the skin to soothe and moisturise. Packed with Vitamin C to help repair free radical damage and brighten your skin it can also help to fade dark spots whilst also stimulating collagen production to help improve the skins texture.

Also containing Glycerin which helps to draw moisture into your skin keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised it also gently protects your skin.

The beautiful Orange aroma makes this product a delight to use and will uplift your mood.

Can be used as an everyday moisturiser recommended for use after using our Bodylife Orange Glow Shower crème.

Directions for use: Apply a generous amount over affected area. Re-apply as often as needed. Do not apply to broken skin.

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