Bodylife Mystic Dragon Seamless Multifunctional Snood Bandana Headwear Neck Tube Gaiter Face Covering

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This Bodylife seamless multifunctional headwear is made from 100% Polyester microfibre which is stretchable and soft for comfort.
Size is 48cm long with a complete circumferance of 50cm making the the tube 25cm wide when laid flat.The Polyester microfibre is comfortable, soft and breathable when using as a face covering.
Seamless quick drying and light weight for complete comfort and can be used for a large number of uses including snood, Gaiter,pirate cap, beanie, neck scarf, sports headband, wristband, hair tie, face covering, Alice band, blindfold, hair cover, and balaclava.
The elastic tube scarf is suitable for all sports and outdoor activities and will be perfect for yoga, morning jogs, running, hiking, skiing, fitness, cycling, riding, fishing and trekking regardless of winter or summer.
This exclusivley designed beautiful multifunctional tube is also ideal as a fashion accessories for many occasions.
This unique beautiful bodylife design makes a perfect gift. 
One size fits most.

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