Bodylife Galaxy Faux Silk Sleep Mask

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Our Eye Masks created by our own designer, making them unique to Bodylife are made of high quality faux silk material, giving a soft, smooth feel against your skin. 
Sleep Masks are a natural way to relax and help you to get to sleep faster
Elastic band design, suitable for any size head circumference.

Sleep is so important for our mental and physical health, but a lot of us aren’t getting enough of it. Years ago, our sleep patterns were influenced by nature. We fell asleep when it went dark and awoke once it was light again.Today our sleep patterns are affected by our busy lifestyles, technology, shift patterns and a whole host of other factors.

Here at bodylife we have the perfect solution to help you get back to nature. The benefit of a sleep mask is that with complete darkness the body’s melatonin levels are boosted, helping you to fall asleep quicker,leading to less sleep disruption and better overall quality of sleep.

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