Bodylife Collagen Gel & Ultimate Youth Moisturizer Day and Night Cream 100ml

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Bodylife's Collagen body and facial skincare gel has been carefully formulated to act as a moisturiser for daily use to help to keep your skin supple and hydrated. This water based gel boasts a soothing reviving herbal fragrance with hints of fresh green pine, spearmint and re-energising eucalyptus and can be used as either a daily moisturiser for the face and body. The gel is Ionized and can be used as part of a galvanic electrotherapy treatment. 

Directions for use as a galvanic electrotherapy treatment: Apply a generous amount with a spatula over a previously prepared treatment area. Begin on a Positive/Negative setting, ensuring remains covered with gel. Do not exceed 15 minutes. It is important to reverse polarity at the end of the treatment. Remove with cotton wool pads. 

This day and night cream features a rich blend of ingredients, and is an effective anti oxidizing agent and protects your skin against free radicals. The result is soft, fresh and glowing skin!

Suitable for all skin types.

Powerful Ingredients at Work
Bodylife’s moisturizing cream contains five active ingredients that helps your skin, Peptides (Matrixyl), hyaluronic acid, retinol and Q10 are effective anti oxidizing agents, keeping free radicals, and thus, potential skin conditions at bay. These ingredients also soothe and smooth your skin, eliminating wrinkles and fine lines in the process. 
This moisturizing cream also includes Shea butter and jojoba oil for hydrating and nourishing your skin. 

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