Bodylife Aloe Vera Skincare Gel 500ml

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Bodylife's body and facial Aloe Vera skincare gel has been carefully formulated to act as a moisturiser for daily use.This light gel with Aloe Vera helps to soothe and cool the skin and is particularly soothing on sun burnt skin.
This water based none sticky gel boasts A cool and refreshing accord where notes of sweet red summer rose are cooled by delicate geranium blooms.  Elements of water speckled green leaf are also present alongside soft lily and woods.
Resting on a base of patchouli,sandalwood and musk and can be used as either a daily moisturiser for the face and body or as the gel is Ionized as part of a galvanic electrotherapy treatment. 
Directions for use as a galvanic electrotherapy treatment: Apply a generous amount with a spatula over a previously prepared treatment area. 
Begin on a Positive/Negative setting, ensuring remains covered with gel. Do not exceed 15 minutes. 
It is important to reverse polarity at the end of the treatment. Remove with cotton wool pads.

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Calming and cooling

    Posted by Debbie Winstanley on 6th Oct 2020

    Works beautifully to calm skin that has been irritated. I've used it on rashes, after shaving, on sunburn and most recently after being stung by stinging nettles and each time it has calmed the soreness almost immediately with no need to reapply later. Great stuff!

  • 5
    Beautifully cool and moisturising. Lovely fragrance.

    Posted by Li`Liz Bailey on 24th Jun 2020

    A joy to use for general moisturising, and particularly dry skin.

  • 5
    A staple in my bathroom

    Posted by Rebecca Morgan on 28th Jan 2020

    I suffer with very dry skin, that gets very itchy. This Aloe Vera gel has been a real life saver! It's not only moisturising, it's really soothing as well. My dry skin is kept at bay, and the itching is gone. I used a bottle through the summer on both me and my children, and it was perfect for using after coming in from the sun as it's really cooling. It's a pretty large bottle, and a small amount goes a long way, so it lasts absolutely ages. I also really like the smell. This is definitely a staple for me now. Top tip...use straight after a bath for super soft skin!

  • 5
    Aloe aloe aloe

    Posted by Annabella MacLaren on 17th Jan 2020

    This product has saved my skin! I've been wearing a support bandage on my knee a few weeks and it gets red and itchy under there. I've tried so many things to calm it. I've been putting a generous later of this on and letting it soak in before bed and my skin is good as new! Calming, clean-fragranced and kind to skin.